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FAQ - Jets MRO

What is Jets MRO and what services do you provide?

Jets MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) facility specializes in keeping your aircraft in top condition through a range of services designed to minimize downtime and ensure safety and performance. Here’s an overview of the services we offer:

Scheduled Maintenance

We provide comprehensive scheduled maintenance services to keep your aircraft in optimal condition and ahead of any downtime. From routine checks to inspections, component replacements, repairs, and alterations, our expert MRO team ensures the highest quality of work.

  • New large facilities at KRBD – Dallas Executive Airport
  • Business and military jet support
  • Independent engineering and manufacturing solutions
  • Airframe, Avionics, Instrument, Structures, and Accessory Support

Line Maintenance

Count on us for assistance when the unexpected happens. Whether it’s a cosmetic repair, a bulb replacement, or a broken windshield, you can rely on us for conducting swift inspections, minor repairs, and crucial checks between flights, ensuring minimal downtime for your fleet’s continuous performance.

  • Dallas Fort-Worth Support Radius
  • Holidays and off hours being staffed
  • Business and military jet support
  • Airframe, Avionics, Instrument, Structures, and Accessory Support
  • A & B Checks Support

AOG Service and Support

Jets MRO provides immediate AOG (Aircraft on Ground) assistance for critical aircraft issues. Our rapid response team ensures swift troubleshooting, repairs, and logistical support, minimizing downtime and prioritizing your aircraft’s swift return to service.

  • Dallas Fort-Worth Support Radius
  • Holidays and off hours being staffed
  • Operator point of view on service and response
  • Submit your to-do list for an easy quote!

Pre-Purchase Inspections

With immediate slot availability, we can get an aircraft into a pre-purchase inspection quickly. We can recommend the inspection criteria or follow any needed scheduled maintenance requirements.

  • Immediate Slot Availability
  • Ability to Perform 7-Days a Week

Miami Component Repair Station

If It Cracks, We Can Repair It! Britt Metal Processing (BMP), a Jets MRO company, brings together a collective experience exceeding 100 years. Our team, each possessing a minimum of 25 years of expertise, ensures a wealth of knowledge and skill. Miami Component Repair provides a comprehensive range of services, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect.

  • Full Machine Shop Capabilities / Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Overhaul
  • Metal Spray & Coating
  • FAA Repair Station #DP4R136M
  • EASA Approval

Our goal is to provide top-notch maintenance, repair, and overhaul services to ensure your aircraft remains safe, reliable, and ready for flight.

Where is your facility located?

Jets MRO has a state-of-the-art facilities to cater to your aircraft maintenance and repair needs. Our primary Dallas Aircraft Repair MRO is situated at Dallas Executive Airport in Dallas, TX. This location offers extensive support for both business and military jets, equipped with large facilities and advanced equipment.

Additionally, our Britt Metal Processing, a Jets MRO company, operates an FAA Repair Station located in Miami, FL. This facility provides specialized component repair services with a team of highly experienced professionals, ensuring top-quality workmanship and compliance with FAA and EASA standards.

Can you accommodate urgent repair requests?

Yes, we can accommodate urgent repair requests. Jets MRO offers comprehensive AOG (Aircraft on Ground) services to address critical aircraft issues swiftly and efficiently. Our rapid response team is available to provide immediate troubleshooting, repairs, and logistical support, ensuring minimal downtime and prioritizing your aircraft’s swift return to service. We are staffed during holidays and off hours to meet your urgent needs, ensuring continuous performance and reliability for your fleet. Whether you need minor repairs, crucial checks, or emergency support, you can rely on us to handle your urgent repair requests promptly.

How often should I schedule maintenance for my business jet?

Maintenance schedules vary depending on the aircraft model and usage. Generally, business jets require regular inspections and maintenance based on flight hours or calendar time. Contact Jets MRO any questions you may have. 

What metal processing services does Britt Metal Processing offer?

Britt Metal Processing acquired by Jets MRO metal processing service may include heat treatment, surface finishing, machining, welding,  and coating applications for various metals. If It Cracks, we can fix it!

What are Jets MRO's operating hours?

Jets MRO is open 7 days a week 6:00am – 4:30pm to provide maintenance services. We do offer extended help hours through our live chat function 7-Days a week until 7pm.